Fit Tips

Healthy & Fit in Michigan

When deciding to venture out-of-doors for exercise this season, please keep in mind these helpful tips.

1. Consult with your physician if you have any underlying health conditions or if it has been a while since your last regular exercise program.

2. Dress in natural, breathable layers to accommodate for the varying temperatures. When your core temperature begins to rise, you'll always have the option to remove a layer or two.

3. Allow for adequate warm-up time prior to your workout (no less than 10 minutes). Your muscles, joints, heart and lungs need adequate time to acclimate to your workout.

  1. 4.When exercising outdoors, don't forget to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from sun damage - yes, even in the winter..

5. Stay hydrated and most of all ... HAVE FUN! There is a plethora of seasonal activities to experience in Michigan, so be safe and enjoy yourself.

Don't forget, if your looking for a little extra guidance and motivation this season, give the Urban Wellness Group a call to help you design an individualized program to meet your wellness goals.

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